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I would like to thank everyone upfront for showing an interest and support for handcrafted products and artistic creation. In today’s world of mega department stores and mass productions sold at whole price to superchain stores, finding a truly unique and personal statement is almost impossible. Unfortunately, personal creative and individuality naturally takes a back seat to the modern business machine that only views the world in expenses and profit margins. Here at Hungry Creators we humbly offer an alternative. Thank you for your continued support without which none of this is possible.

Handcrafted Wallets

Under construction. Coming soon.

To order a wallet or more information please click on the Contact Us link above.

Hungry Creators Editing, Proofreading, and Copywriting Services


Hungry Creators offers a full array of professional editing and writing services; ranging from moving around commas (simple edits) for extra refinements to an already well formed piece to complete copy and creative writing projects.


Creative and Original Copywriting

What is Copywriting?

Copy is a general word for text used in a professional setting. Normally copy refers to text usage in a promotional sense such as marketing and advertisements, but copy also refers to anybody of text used for the purpose of printing like newspaper articles. In additional promotional copywriting also applies to non-writing forms such as commercial scripts. Hungry Creators Writing Services covers all professional writing projects affordability and effectively.


The 100% Hunger Free Writers Package

For anybody tied up at the mercy of the unforgiving writers block, Hungry Creators gladly offers a 100% worry free premium writers package. With creativity to spare, Hungry Creators wordsmiths will craft the preciously worded document uniquely designed to fill the specific needs of one client to another. From menus, pamphlets, blogs, articles, invitations, and etc. the 100% hunger free package satisfies any written content for any situation. At $10 per 250 words forget the stress and get hungry for Hungry Creators brand creativity. Large project discounts apply. For further information please contact us by clicking on the link above.


Editorial Services


Hungry Creators offers three levels of editorial service packages based on magnitude and scope of the project.


Proofreading: Proofreading lends an unconnected eye to read over a nearly finished piece to pick out minor errors in grammar and punctuation. No matter how experienced the writer, it is always a good idea for a fresh eye to look over a piece for errors that can be easily overlooked. Pieces that only need a few commas moved or an occasional misspelled or misused word corrected fall into Hungry Creators proofreading service. Proofreading is best for drafts of projects, presentations, pamphlets, etc. that need one more read through before going to the final draft and release.


Price:   $3.60/page

$12.00/1000 words


Copy Editing: Copy Editing is a read through and edited that goes into much more depth than a standard proofreading. Finished rough drafts that are scattered with awkward sentence structure, clumsy word usages, and minor grammatical errors requiring more attention fall into the general copy editing package. Hungry Creators copy editing package corrects these errors and offers usage and grammatical suggestions while maintaining the original concept of the project for the final draft and release.


Price:   $6.00/page

$20.00/1000 words



Rewriting: This package includes all editorial projects that need corrections above and beyond standard copy editing services. Drafts that are littered with grammatical, punctuation, and usage errors fall into this package and pricing. The rewriting package takes a rough draft and completely fixes all errors to fit the clients need and concept to produce a final draft for the client ready for release.


Price:   $15.50/page

$55.00/1000 words



All Hungry Creators Writing and Editorial services are completed in a timely and professional manner while keeping a keen eye on detail. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We do not stop working until you are satisfied, so let’s get hungry.

Under Construction. Coming Soon.

To  inquire about Hungry Creators Writing Services please click on the link Contact Us above, or send an email to:


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