Sock Dolls

New Sock Dolls Available

Hungry Creators sock dolls are now on parade. Hungry Creators believes the cuteness is in the details. That’s why everyone one of these kind hand stitched sock creations are sown with the greatest of care to ensure the unique unparalleled companionship between loved ones and socks.

Green, Blue face Bunny

Red Scarf Kitty Bunny

Orange Scarf Skinny Kitty

Red Faced Stitched Bunny

Green Ribbon Dot Bunny

Purple Monster Bunny

Green Web Bunny

Blue Dot Bow Tie Bunny

White Tongue Bunny

Pink Face Bunny

Purple Big Eye Bunny

Cool Blue Hamster

Cross Eye Purple Bunny

Red Leaf Flower Bunny

Light Purple Ninja Doll

Dark Purple Ninja Doll

Pink Big Nose Bunny

Button Collar Black Kitty

Pink Collar Skinny Kitty


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