Crafts Store

We are pleased to say that Hungry Creators online store is now operational. Select from our wide variety of Handcrafted offerings now through the convenience of our website online. So if you are looking for products that are truly unique and one-of-kind instead of the mass produced templates search no further. Each of our products are individually hand designed for artistic expression.

These dolls come in all shapes and sizes with their own individual personality and style. While each sock doll offers a distinct favor, everyone is treated with love and care to bring out the adorable in every doll.

The case that carries your netbook should be as personal as the information inside. Welcome Hungry Creators Netbook Sleeves. With an attentive eye for detail these sleeves are 100% handmade like all Hungry Creators crafts. 11″x8″ Hungry Creators Netbook Sleeves fit most standard size netbooks. Personalization and custom orders available.

Designed to fit your individual taste, Hungry Creators hand designed wallets can be found nowhere else. Available in either bi-fold or tri-fold designed, each wallet is specially hand bound and sealed with quality in mind. Again personalization and customs orders are available. Make a statement each time you reach for your cash.

Show off that flair for style and distinct personality with one of these custom designed hair clips. Hair clips come in duel packages and are a perfect fit for anyone to wear their hair up.

Invite Hungry Creators to your party or events and we promise not to disappoint. Handmade with love and care our party favors provide a distinct flavor to any engagement. The difference between a good party and a memory that lasts a lifetime is in the details. Big or small, personal or professional; Hungry Creators covers all. Enjoy your special moments and let Hungry Creators worry about the details.