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Always an Island girl. Never an island. WHEN GUAM WAS MY WORLD issue 1 released tomorrow!

Hello all Hungry Creators out there! The last staple to the first stack of copies to WHEN GUAM WAS MY WORLD issue 1 was saddle stitched today! It is official. The 48 page comic will be released at the Vegas Valley Comic Book festival and after tomorrow it will be available for purchase online here at the Hungry Creators store. Every copy purchased will have an opportunity to get a free caricature. There will be lots of good ART-FUN! down at the Hungry Creators Booth tomorrow in the Flamingo Library from 10am-4pm. Continue reading


FLAKY FRIENDS Plush with Issues

Do you remember a time when toys were grand just because you knew they could come with your own custom story derived from the deep recesses of your imagination? Sarah Flake, the creator behind Flaky Friends, preserves this notion through her plushes with issues. Continue reading