FLAKY FRIENDS Plush with Issues

Do you remember a time when toys were grand just because you knew they could come with your own custom story derived from the deep recesses of your imagination? Sarah Flake, the creator behind Flaky Friends, preserves this notion through her plushes with issues.

Sarah Flake learned her basic skills of sewing at a young age from her mother for the purpose of making her own dresses. In high school she was often preoccupied making fun doodles of crazy creatures. As an adult she wrote social commentary on her famous blog Hollywood Flakes. But her love for sewing was revived when she handmade her daughter’s purple pony for Christmas in 2007. Flake recalls, “Man, it was ugly!” But out bore an issue with the detachment of commercialism, one that is especially present during the Holiday season. Instead, she proactively became an advocate for unique gift making and spearheaded Flaky Friends. The pocket guide to Shopping Handmade: why to break free from strip malls is a insightful Manifesto Zine that she wrote and designed.

Sarah Flake is an avid artist because she dabbles in writing, drawing, sewing, and community building. In May 2010, she organized HANDMADE IN VEGAS which is an Etsy team here in the Las Vegas Area. Within 30 days they achieved 100 members and currently have 250 members. Her creative passion is shared with daughters as she makes her plushes in her craft room with giddy laughter afoot. She mentions that some of the designs are driven by the texture of fabric. Flake chooses her fabric by closing her eyes, with both hands out in the fabric aisle, and runs her fingers across the variety of colors and textures. Her love for the right feeling a fabric has always been something she’s cherished as a kid. Now kids can enjoy a toy that is manifested with care! And these plush with issues will have someone who’ll love them back unconditionally even with all the emotional baggage. A perfect match!

You can find FLAKY FRIENDS at local Las Vegas comic bookstores: Maximum Comics, Cosmic Comics, and Alternative Reality Comics.

Visit Sarah Flake’s website: www.flakyfriends.com

Visit Sarah Flakes upcoming exhibit in the Jenny Valdez gallery on Oct 7, 2011 called “Musings on Alice.” An Alice in Wonderland exhibit!


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