Justin Favela’s “New Paintings” and “Newer Paintings”

Justin Favela states that “Perfection is boring.” He proves this powerful statement in his two gallery exhibitions “New Paintings” and “Newer Paintings.” Both art exhibitions were held at THE BEAT Coffeehouse on 520 E. Fremont, Las Vegas from September 2nd to September 24 .

“New Paintings” was held in the Kleven Contemporary Gallery. This showcased work by other artists who have painted for Favela in the past and were specifically asked again to create parodies of his style. All the artists had two weeks to work on their piece. You will understand two things by looking at the incredible detail, humor, and style of these artists in capturing the essence of Justin Favela. One they are diverse pool of artists and two they are all very good friends. It takes a very good amount of involvement to an interesting subject matter like the artist and person that is Justin Favela.

“Newer Paintings” was held in the Gamma Gamma Gallery. This showcases parodies of work that Favela does for his artists in the Kleven Contemporary gallery. I developed a profound sense of respect for this act of sharing work through parody. For the unfamiliar viewer that is new to art or new to the Las Vegas art scene, you can pick up the list of works that is enumerated with the names that Justin portrays and do homework on these artists.

The picture above is JW Caldwell‘s “Sayonara” which is done with cardboard, acrylic, glue, and goldleaf 300. It is derived from Justin Favela’s works of recreating old Las Vegas signs. This is a parody of the famous Sahara hotel that closed down earlier this year.

The picture above is Justin Favela’s work “Ultra Lights” which is done on painted glass and ink jet print. This was placed in the Gamma Gamma gallery It is a tribute to JW Caldwell’s work and upholds the Sahara hotel theme and hints at a possible cigarette favorite. If you look closely at the camel hairs, it is Caldwell’s marvelous beard. Favela may find perfection boring, but that beard was placed there by perfect genius.

For more of Justin Favela’s work visit: www.justinfavela.com


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