Jewelry Designs of Julie Burnside-Kurosu

Illustration by Jeddah Balgame

What type of item would you be happy to buy? Something that has been mass produced or something that is one of a kind?  Handmade items can sometimes be under appreciated because it is easy to forget that handmade things are unique.  The creator of such items takes time and great effort to make each and very item.  This attention to detail leads to items that are special and rare to find.  This week we are featuring the founder of JMK Accessories, Julie Burnside-Kurosu.

Julie was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and she moved to Las Vegas as a young girl.  She inherited a lot from her father, including a love for the arts.  It is her favorite way of expressing herself.  Sometimes, she prefers drawing her mom a picture rather than retelling a story.

JMK Accessories

Julie’s handmade jewelry is inspired by her Japanese heritage and the beauty she finds in nature. Julie admits that she “can’t resist adding sparkle to my pieces.”  As a naturally creative person she is able to compose new and exciting designs. She describes her style as being feminine and simple.

Julie began making jewelry when she and a friend participated in a craft fair.  After the fair, her business was put on hold to focus on graduating.  Then in the Spring of 2011, she received her B.A. in Fine Arts.  After graduation, Julie married her long time boyfriend and together they moved to San Diego.

Sometime later after she settled in her new home, Julie had a hard time looking for jobs. Since she had time to spare, she began making jewelry again and developed her skills.

JMK Accessories

Her jewelry is now sold at a local boutique store in Las Vegas, Nevada called With Amelie. She also creates flower hair accessories for various clients. If you would like to know more about Julie’s handmade jewelry visit JMK Accessories on Facebook. Please feel free to  leave us a comment.

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About Jeddah Balgame

Jeddah A. Balgame is a freelance graphic designer living in Las Vegas, NV. She received her B.A. in Graphic Arts with a minor in Art History at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is also one of the co-founders of Hungry Creators.

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