DIY: Change Purse Tutorial

Do you have leftover fabric that you don’t know what to do with? How about making a change purse! Gilda shows us on how to make a simple change purse using scraps of fabric!

1)First choose your fabric. Then cut it into a rectangle.  The measurements can vary but I chose to cut my fabric into a 4 X 9 inch rectangle.

2a)The fabric I chose is bright red on one side and pink on the other side.  I want my coin purse to be red so I put the red side of the fabric face down.  Choose what side you prefer.  Then lay that face down on a flat surface.

2b)On one of the shorter sides of your rectangle, fold it a quarter (1/4) of an inch and sew.  Do the same to the other side.

3) Once both sides are sewn, fold your fabric in half so that the shorter sides touch.

4) Sew the open sides only.

5) The change purse is almost done.  Turn the change purse inside out so that the seams are hidden.  It should look similar to the drawing.

6)  It won’t hold coins yet.  To make draw strings, you can use yard or embroidery thread.  I chose to use blue embroidery thread.  With a needle weave the thread in and out of the change purse.  The space you will have in your coin purse is determined by how high you make the draw strings.  Once you are done, pull on the strings and tie them.  Remember: the draw strings should be double the length of your shortest sides.  For my change purse, the thread I chose measures 8 inches in length because the purse measures 4 X 9 inches.

If you don’t have any extra fabric laying around, try visiting your local arts & crafts store! Thanks to Gilda for sharing your DIY change purse tutorial! Feel free to write us a comment if you have any questions about the tutorial!

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About Hungry Creators

Hungry Creators was manifested out of a need for friendship first before business. This group is where our ideas come to life to be shared with the world. At the end of the day, our greatest profit is not the money we serve to gain but the emotions we evoke by a new piece of art. We are not afraid of reinvention because we welcome all the possibilities art has to offer. In today’s world we believe art is so much more than a leisurely activity, or success stems from more forms than a business or technical degree. Hungry Creators challenges the norm tempering the talents we foster within ourselves to excel. We stand in solidarity with the time and efforts all artists and handmade craft designers do in order for art to stay authentic and alive. Today many forget the process of the things that sit on shelves in stores. We are about creating unique items in a world where most things are mass produced. Hungry Creators scratches the surface of a whole hardworking and dedicated community. We recognize the desire for art and hope that through meeting us, you get real hungry for it too.

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