How to overcome artist block

Illustration by Jeddah Balgame

Here at Hungry Creators we try to spend everyday developing new and fun ideas for our projects. Whether it’s designing products, writing, or creating artworks. As tiring as it can be, we love what we do! Like many creative people, there are days when our imagination and inspiration decides to go on “sleep mode”. Our graphic artist, Jeddah, has compiled some of her tips on overcoming artist block.

  • Collect Art Books

    Artbooks are bibles to the art world. Keep learning about artists from the past and present and build your knowledge. There is a lot to appreciate and absorb out there. I’ve gone over my art text books from college over a hundred times and I’ve found that little details inspire me .

  • Focus on the goal and STOP whining.

    Just do it. Complaining won’t do yourself any good. Remember to be determined to make it to the finish line. It will take some motivation and discipline but your reward will be greater than expected.

  • Take a break.

    Hangout with friends or take a walk. Don’t push yourself too hard. It can be exhausting to find inspiration. Let it come to you.

  • Keep a sketch book

    A sketch book can be a powerful object . It houses our ideas and feelings. You can always look back and discover new things.

  • Lastly, Have fun!

    Don’t be afraid of grand and silly ideas. Do something that is Risky. Let your imagination roam freely and sketch as much as possible. You’ll have time later to refine your ideas.

Hungry creators would like to thank Jeddah for giving us some of her tips on overcoming her artist block. If you have some tips you would like to share feel free to post a comment below!

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About Hungry Creators

Hungry Creators was manifested out of a need for friendship first before business. This group is where our ideas come to life to be shared with the world. At the end of the day, our greatest profit is not the money we serve to gain but the emotions we evoke by a new piece of art. We are not afraid of reinvention because we welcome all the possibilities art has to offer. In today’s world we believe art is so much more than a leisurely activity, or success stems from more forms than a business or technical degree. Hungry Creators challenges the norm tempering the talents we foster within ourselves to excel. We stand in solidarity with the time and efforts all artists and handmade craft designers do in order for art to stay authentic and alive. Today many forget the process of the things that sit on shelves in stores. We are about creating unique items in a world where most things are mass produced. Hungry Creators scratches the surface of a whole hardworking and dedicated community. We recognize the desire for art and hope that through meeting us, you get real hungry for it too.

2 thoughts on “How to overcome artist block

  1. I met Jean last night at First Friday and was really excited to see what Hungry Creators was all about. What a fun site! Great tips for getting over artist block. I have a whole library of great art books in my craft room and love to pull them down when I’m feeling uninspired. Nobody can creat in a vacuum so I love this tip. I also find that if I switch modes and do something else artsy like play my instruments it gets my brain going again without forcing it to do the same-old stuff.

    Do you guys still sell at the green valley market? I haven’t been by that one but would like to check it out.

    I’ll keep an eye on this site – good stuff! Sarah Flaky, Flaky Friends

    • Hey Sarah! This is Jeddah from Hungry Creators. Thanks for visiting our site! We’ve been to the Green Valley Farmers market once but we haven’t been back since because we’re busy making craft items for our next event. You should come visit us at the Las Vegas SuperCon. Oh, Jean told us about you and your plush toys. She showed us the Pitbull plushy and we loved it! If you want more information on craft events around the valley email us at We’ll try to you help you out! =)

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