Hungry Creators at the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival

For everyone who could make it we would like to give a big thank you for your continued support. It was a cold early morning, but unquestionable fun and an astounding success. We met many more exciting and talented local artists, mingled with several Las Vegas Shop owners, and unveiled the debut of the first issue of Green Machine Comix, When Guam was My World by Jean Pilario. We are also proud to announce that Hungry Creator Jeddah Balgame was SECOND RUNNER UP for the festival’s badge contest! Continue reading


Always an Island girl. Never an island. WHEN GUAM WAS MY WORLD issue 1 released tomorrow!

Hello all Hungry Creators out there! The last staple to the first stack of copies to WHEN GUAM WAS MY WORLD issue 1 was saddle stitched today! It is official. The 48 page comic will be released at the Vegas Valley Comic Book festival and after tomorrow it will be available for purchase online here at the Hungry Creators store. Every copy purchased will have an opportunity to get a free caricature. There will be lots of good ART-FUN! down at the Hungry Creators Booth tomorrow in the Flamingo Library from 10am-4pm. Continue reading

Literature in Serialization

Hello, Hello Hungry Creator supports.

First I would like to take the time to express all the Hungry creators disappointment over the cancellation of Las Vegas Supercon. Every member of the team was eagerly looking forward to the unveiling of the new product lines we have been working over the past few months. However, for all of you supporters planning on joining us at the con; you will just have to wait two more weeks to join us at the Vegas Valley Comic festival. The festival is scheduled Saturday November 5th from 10am-4pm. Future posts will provide detailed information on Hungry Creator activities planned for the event, but for now without further delay welcome to the first posting of literature in serialization, creative works of fiction released piece by piece. For more information email

For now Hungry Creators is happy to bring you A Life of Leisure part one. Enjoy!

A Life of Leisure (part 1)

Fire burned across the sky raising thick clouds of bellowing darkness. It churned the horizon like a black waterfall. The bleakness mixed with the midday skyline breeding a force of night dark enough to drink out the sun and cast shadows of perpetual darkness on the city below. One by one, Jackson counted the empty homes, thousands after thousands; bleakly giving into the flames before crashing to the ground alone.

Only two months ago I left Las Vegas and its two million people with only four things to carry on my back. One, as much of my clothing as I could manage into my single canvas laundry bag. Two, a six inch hunting knife, and hatchet left to me long ago by a father I lost hope of ever seeing again and finally, a brown leather journal that I now use to write and record these words. Although I write with no hope for myself. Continue reading

Jewelry Designs of Julie Burnside-Kurosu

Illustration by Jeddah Balgame

What type of item would you be happy to buy? Something that has been mass produced or something that is one of a kind?  Handmade items can sometimes be under appreciated because it is easy to forget that handmade things are unique.  The creator of such items takes time and great effort to make each and very item.  This attention to detail leads to items that are special and rare to find.  This week we are featuring the founder of JMK Accessories, Julie Burnside-Kurosu.
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HUNGRY CREATORS One Year Anniversary

Illustration by Jean Marie Pilario.

Hello, hello fellow artist, writers, and other masters of expression. One year ago this month I and my three other co-founders came together seeking an alternative to the way in which art, concept, and creativity is commoditized and sold today. From there we founded the Hungry Creators mission statement placing value on friendship and substantial content over the massed produced and faltering spectacles forced upon so many aspects of our lives. In one year’s time Hungry Creators has remained true to that mission state as well as our founding ideals.

It has been a long year with many Continue reading

Leighzee Works! at GAX: Guam Art Exhibit

Two of the Hungry Creators, Jean Marie Pilario and Jeddah Balgame proudly call the island of Guam their home.

All members of Hungry Creators are honored to be friends with Guam graphic designer Kristine Leigh Bactad. Her work is famously known as LEIGHZEE.

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